Home Improvement Tools and Materials

Tools are essential with home improvement projects. And if you are inspiring to be a certified do-it-yourselfer, you have to be familiar with the tools of the trade and the materials that are best suited for your projects. You need a range of basic tools while working around the house whether the work involves repair, remodeling, redecorating or construction of an additional wing or room.

The tools you will use will most likely depend on the kind job you intend to undertake and the kind of materials you plan to use. If you are planning to construct an additional room of wooden materials, you will need tools best suited for wood works. If the additional room is concrete then you need a different set of tools. In any case, if your intention is not to see a carpenter ever again around your house you’ll need more than a couple of things. You’ll need tools for floors, ceilings, walls and cabinet. Perhaps if you are inclined to go into plumbing and electrical you will need other tools appropriate for such jobs.

Carpentry Tools

For carpentry you’ll need a few. But don’t forget the work bench. The quality of work bench you construct is the initial gauge of how you’ll fare in home improvement projects.

o Measuring tools. A tape measure will do but a combination square will provide other uses such as determine the “squareness” of a joint. It is also useful when you are using handheld circular saws. It can be adjusted to measure heights as well as depth.

o Handsaws. Easy to use, handy, and do not need electrical power, thus, cheap.

o The Electric Drill. A versatile tool, it drill holes, sands and grinds, drives screws home, and even stirs paint. A tool you cannot do without

o Hammers and screwdrivers.

o Random Orbital Sander. This is a one-handed tool that is convenient and driven by an electric motor. It is used to speed up sanding rough surfaces or for fine finish due to its circular random motion.

o Planes. The esthetic tool in the carpenter’s kit. There are three distinct planes: the jack plane used for taking off rough surfaces of the board, the short smoothing plane, used to even up the irregular marks made by the jack plane and the fore plane, used to straighten edges of finished surfaces and boards.

Organic Materials for the most common parts of the house

Now let’s go to materials that are now getting a lot of attention among home improvement practitioners for being environmentally friendly and cost effective.

o Organic based-paints are environmental friendly and do not emit pungent odor.

o Wall materials: You can also use transparent glass tiles, formaldehyde-free panels made from agricultural wastes and man-made stone products.

o Counters and Vanities. Glues are going natural and glues from soy are gradually replacing formaldehyde sealants and adhesives in furniture plywood. For cabinets and floors recycled lumber are available for you. Even stone and tile counters are now also being made from recycled products.

o Heating: Check on Radiant floors. Heated towel warmers are versatile as they warm the towel for comfort and at the same time reduces moisture to avoid mildew growth.

o Fabrics. Plush, 100 percent cotton fabrics are best but bamboo fabric is a good alternative.

These are some general information on tools and materials for a DIY to consider. Certainly there are hundreds more that you have to encounter before you can become a certified do-it-yourselfer.

Straightforward Ways To Move Heavy Home Furniture

Countless people try to conserve money by moving furniture themselves into a truck or van. And typically this involves moving heavy and large furniture, we’re talking about heavy tables, dining room tables of dressers, wardrobes, couches, television sets, beds and so forth. So the trick is to know how to do this effectively.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure the furniture will basically fit through the doorway, you’ll probably need a measuring tape. At this point if the furniture’s too wide then you have to figure that you’ll have to turn it sideways, even so it may not fit, therefore you may have to clear away the legs or other items to make it fit through the door frame.

Had a spotter point out the best sides to move the furniture effectively. Occasionally if the furniture is just too heavy you’re going to need to use a hand truck. A piece of loose carpet under furniture support helps its slide alongside the floor, while saving the flour from scratches. You can purchase sliders for furniture at a components store, these also facilitate moving heavy objects.

And of course when you do move furniture it does have to be empty of items inside. If it’s actually to have the tried taking out some draw ours or extra wood pieces are items that would make it lighter. Now when lifting heavy furniture you do have to observe safety precautions ensured that one lifting heavy objects you need to retain the furniture close to your body, and that it is handed within the level of the knees and the shoulder to avoid strain. Put your arms and legs intuit not just are back keep your back straight.

Most of all if it really is too heavy and beyond your means higher qualified mover this can save your back or keep you from getting injured. It’s always best to hire professional help from a moving company because they have the necessary tools and equipment. I would suggest not shifting any for heavy furniture on your own. Unless you’re very handy with a hand truck and have done this before. Otherwise heavy furniture can actually fall on you and you can get hurt horribly so be very careful.

I in fact find it easier to hire a Encino Movers moving company that gives me a good price quote. At times lifting heavy furniture is just overload, and it may involve stairs thin passages, elevators, unusual large pieces of furniture, and just a large array of boxes, irregular pieces, images maybe overburden for your back so save yourself hire professional movers, but just take the time to shop around for these movers, it may save you some cash.

Furniture Painting DIY – How to Paint Wooden Furniture at Home

With usage, paint of wooden furniture becomes fad and furniture looks old and worn. In fact the wood structure of furniture remains intact for many years, it only needs a re-painting process to look like new. Painting home furniture is not a difficult process and you can do it yourself by adhering the following suggestions.

Tools and Materials Needed For Job

Foam Roller
Sand Paper
Wood filler (Putty)
Wood Filler Knife
Lacquer or Sealant (optional)
Face mask

Preparing the Home Furniture for Painting Process

Select a well ventilated place and use cloth or plastic sheets to place furniture over it. Clean the furniture and fill the pitted, uneven and scratched areas with wood filler. Apply wood filler and wipe off excessive with a filler knife. Also use wood filler in joints for firm attachment. When wood filler is dried, use sand paper to get smoother surfaces. Now clean the furniture well with a liquid and then with a lint free cloth.

Using Paint-Primer Before Painting

Primer is useful to make the coat of paint to adhere evenly to the wood as well as to get the paint long-lasting. Without primer, paint peel off after few months or a year. Use paint brush on corners and edges and roller on flat surfaces to apply the primer. Don’t worry for the even application of primer, it will be fixed in next steps. When primer has dried, sand it with a fine grit sand paper and then clean the sawdust.

Painting the Home Furniture

Now furniture is ready for applying the paint. Use foam roller on flat surfaces and then paint brush on uneven surfaces and where the roller could not reach. Use paint conditioner to slow down the drying edge of the paint. It helps to make the paint coat more even. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary and let it dry.

Sealant or Lacquer

Although you are done, but for a shiny look, you may like to use paint-sealant at this final stage. It protect the furniture from scratches and add a gloss over it. Again, let the lacquer to dry well before moving the furniture.

Safety Precautions

For personal safety, use good quality face mask to prevent the harmful effects of fumes of paint-chemicals. Carry out all this painting in a well ventilated and illuminated place. Use gloves and full cloths to protect the skin from toxic chemical effects.

Antique Furniture and Hardware Choices

Most people opt for antique furniture and hardware pieces mainly because of the style and elegance they provide to the inner ambiance of an office, a home, or any other area. Prior to buying and collecting antique pieces however, the antique collector should first be equipped with the knowledge of where and how to shop. While antique lovers brag about the eminence of specific furniture pieces, they often refer to overall design, joints and wood, and often fail to recognize the embellishment that sets them apart as works of fine art. Carving, veneer, inlay and gilding are just are just some of the decoration methods that bestow antique furnishings their signature style.

There is a wide range of antique furniture and hardware companies that provide antique furniture and hardware restoration services. These companies stock a huge collection of home improvement tools which accommodates a diversity of needs and tastes. The products range from CD storage chests, Carisa accent tables, media storage cabinets, computer monitor stands, shelves to kitchen furniture and kitchen remodeling materials. In addition to stocking a broad line of refurbishment hardware for antique furniture, they also manufacture Tambour doors, sifters, flour bins and many other components for Hoosier cabinets.

If you intend to purchase antique furniture and hardware pieces, it is advisable you buy them from one shop that specializes in antiques furnishings. Such shops usually provide specialized customer services at more rational and affordable costs. These stores also provide a large collection of choices that suit a diversity of specifications and needs.

Antique garage sales and flea-markets have the best prices but one can also obtain such furniture from auctioneers. Before purchasing any furniture piece, it is good to have a background check on the furniture. A comprehensive appraisal of the procedure and schedule of preceding preservation measures for the furniture should be done.
Know when the furniture was last restored or refurnished. Make out the restoration method used as such information will be handy in evaluating the condition of the antique furniture. Most of the antique stores provide furniture refurbishment services, so one can have his/her antique restored in one of these stores if it wares out. It is important to know how to preserve these pieces as most of the antiques are made of wood which can be attacked by insects. There are many preservation measures that can be applied to protect antique furniture from damage.

Purchasing antique and hardware pieces has now become easier than ever as more and more people have come to appreciate opulence and class of antique and hardware furnishings. One can obtain a variety of antiques for home improvement and kitchen remodeling from online antique stores; however, one must be very cautious. Buy your furniture from trustworthy and certified dealers and never hand over cash until you are satisfied with the furniture you intend to buy. Know the shipping costs of the furniture you intend to by as most companies include the shipping cost in the price of the furniture.

How to Select Wooden Entertainment Furniture For the Home

Recent years have seen a hude growth in the popularity of home entertainment centres with some people even forming their own mini home cinema within their living room. This has been fueled by a number of factors such as the rapid development of LCD and plasma screens which are continuously getting cheaper thanks to their popularity. Wireless technology has also generated the growth in sales of surround sound speaker systems. A recent boom in cable channels with dedicated sports TV has also made the home a valuable entertainment place where families and friends can sit down and watch everything from the last top flight soccer match through to a Holllywood blockbuster in comfort, style and with tremendous picture and sound quality.

Much of the new forms of home entertainment systems use the latest design and mass production techniques which means they can be quickly and relatively cheaply produced and almost always constructed from plastic which is light weight and easier to mold. However in many cases plastic can be to overbearing in terms of modernism and blandness therefore an incredibly popular option to create balance surrounding an entertainment centre is to use gold old fashioned wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is excellent at providing the balance that many people look for but can often over look. Selecting a plastic a glass entertainment stand can often may for a sterile environment within the home.

One of the many great qualities about wooden furniture is its ability to blend in beautiful with the surrounding environment including various decorative styles and colours, other ranges of home furniture and of course the latest in home entertainment. Wooden furniture is also relatively cheap whilst holding its price for a sustained length of time, making it an excellent investment for the home.

Wooden furniture also helps to add a natural glow to the entertainment centre thanks the strong laquers which are applied to most modern wooden furniture. Wooden furniture can also comprise of several other materials such as chrome, laminate and glass to add style and variety. The most recent trend for entertainment area stands is for use the use of block designs which use ‘chunky’ rectangular lengths of wood to form oversized TV stands using thin steel and glass shelves to add contrast to the piece of furniture.

One of the most common objections against wooden furniture is its lack of durability in comparison to plastic however modern furniture production techniques and the continuous improvements in tooling and even wood fixing glue means that home wooden crafted furniture can last for many, many years.

Finally and perhaps most importantly the ability of wooden furniture to blend with almost everything can in long run offer a real money saving. As you update your TV and hifi systems you can be assured that you wont have to invest in new furniture to present and support home entertainment systems as will also look beautiful and blend perfectly.

4 Helpful Hints for Buying Mahogany Furniture

This rare and expensive hardwood is used to make the finest furniture. Distinctive home furnishings crafted from this wood will stay in top-notch condition for years to come. Installing Mahogany furniture in your house might get heavy on your pockets, but it will be a wise investment in your home. Furniture pieces made from this hardwood will give your home or office an amazing look!

Some useful hints for buying Mahogany furniture

Overview of Mahogany: Mahogany is a highly demanded hardwood for making fine furniture. This popular wood is well-known for its durability and strength. It is broadly used in interior design mouldings, boat interiors and decorative veneers. Mahogany being an excellent carving wood reacts well to hand and machine tools. The nailing and screwing properties of the wood are awesome. It is resistant to decay by water and bugs that make it the first preference in making cabinets for kitchen.

Reasons for buying Mahogany furniture: Furniture pieces made from Mahogany wood are crafted in traditional style but these pieces can blend well with almost any decorating style. Its elegance attracts most of the consumers and its unique style will add a class of sophistication to your interiors. Dining tables made from mahogany wood will be an amazing addition to your home. This type of huge furniture piece would instantly catch the attention of people!

What to look for when you buy Mahogany furniture: While buying the furniture for your house, it is important to check whether the furniture is made from solid mahogany or it is made with mahogany Veneers. There are times where people add mahogany veneers to the lower quality furniture pieces to add value to it.

Price factor: Mahogany furniture is very costly. Big estates will often sale off the furniture and will promote the auction in the confidential advertisement segment of the newspaper or online. If you are unable to find the furniture at the auction, find smaller furniture stores that deal in fine furniture than big chains. You should not get hesitated in price negotiation. The furniture stores which are owned privately do not always charge the sticker price. They will bargain a bit of it if you have good negotiation skills.

The above mentioned points are some of the essential hints if you are looking forward to buy Mahogany furniture for your house. You can easily enrich the appeal of your home interiors by installing well-designed Mahogany furniture in your home. The timeless beauty of this furniture will certainly spruce up the look of your house today and for generations to come. You are sure to get the exclusively designed furniture for your office as well as house.

Tips on How to Arrange Household Furniture

Rearranging your furniture at home gives it a new look. But now, when you rearrange using these tips, your home will not only look new, it can also be more comfortable and more convenient to move around in.

Plan it on paper first. Before you start moving around furniture in your house and wasting your energy by doing so, you first need to think about where you want your furniture to be. For every room in the house that you want to “redo”, you have to take time to assess the area. After that, determine where every furniture can possibly be placed. So as not to forget anything that you have planned, draw it on paper. Include even the smallest details so that when you start working, you save time and energy by avoiding repetition.

Think of a theme. When you want to radically change the rooms in your house, having a theme will be the best way to do it. Also, this will give you more reason to change the positions of the furniture. For example in your bedroom, you can convert it to a plush and elegant space. For this, your modern bedroom furniture need to be moved. Your bed will have to go at the center of the room and other clutter in the room have to be removed.

Measure. When moving large furniture, you need to make sure that they fit into their supposed positions. A tape measure will be your sole tool in this task. Measure the furniture first and then measure the area after.

When you cannot seem to make the fixture fit, try a different angle or make the furniture face a different position.

Use feng shui. You may or may not use this tip. But for those who believe in the benefits of feng shui, it can be worth a try. This principle supports that there has to be a smooth channel around the house. This means that furniture should not block and be on your way while you move around. Feng shui or not, having this kind of house is a good thing.

Start with a clean slate. Take out all the furniture from the room. You will have a better perspective of the place and you can move around easier. This will likewise give you an opportunity to completely have the room cleaned. Dust and dirt from hard to reach places will be given attention at this time. You may leave the largest furniture of the room inside it. This is because largest item will also be the first one that you will arrange. And leaving it in the room would lessen your work.

Choose a focus. For example, in the living room, your TV set can be the focal point. The focal point will be where you will base the positions of your other home furniture. For your bedroom, it will be the bed.

Buy new furniture. It may be the best time for you to add more furniture in your house if you feel like you still lack some. Use these new items to fill in gaps or complement your old furniture. You don’t have to spend too much. There are cheap coffee tables or discount bathroom vanities that will make your house look and feel homier.

The Ultimate Care For Your Leather Furniture

Leather is one of those supposedly luxurious materials to have your home furniture made out of, of the kind that tends to create lots of conjecture and myths. Many people seem to be under the impression that owning leather furniture entails a ridiculously complex and pricey care regimen, which thereby renders the prospect of buying leather furniture too intimidating to handle. Yet the reality is that caring for one’s leather furniture is incredibly easier than most would believe, and therefore just about anybody is in condition to enjoy the plushness of leather-now, and for a long, long time to come.

Leather simply makes a home feel more vibrant, and its striking visual appearance and sultry feel to the touch can turn a cold house into a seducing home. Leather has to be among the most popular materials to make home furniture out of for precisely these reasons and many more yet, and at any furniture store than one goes to there are certainly going to be leather sofa sets and lounge suites abounding.

The basic trick behind quality leather care is: consistency and promptness. That is to say, any time you spill something or create a stain on your leather sofa (or whatever leather furniture piece you own) be sure to act quickly to clean it up; furthermore, be sure to perform periodic (once a month, give or take) once-overs to remove any grime that may be building up on the leather.

For accidental spills on a leather sofa, all you should do is use a soft cloth to dry it up and then apply the leather cleaner that you were recommended to use when you purchased the sofa. Each variety of leather, from rustic looking aniline leather to velvety nubuck and suede leather, has a specific type of cleaner (available in multiple brands at leather shops) agent intended for it. It is a huge mistake to use ordinary cleaning products on a leather sofa, such as detergents, bleach, etc; they will make leather age poorly and create unnecessary stains that may not be able to be removed.

It’s important to remember to use soft items and to generally be gentle when cleaning your leather furniture. A soft cloth for wiping and a vacuum extension with a soft brush (no rough plastic bristles) are two fundamental tools for keeping a leather sofa clean, and honestly they ought to be enough to keep your items in prime condition along with the right protectant solution. Certain kinds of leather, such as suede and nubuck, are more sensitive to scratches and marks, and so it’s important not to subject them to any such mistreatment.

A final consideration is not to keep a beautiful leather sofa in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. The rays will make the leather more brittle and will ruin its color, robbing it of the ability to age with dignity that is the trademark of quality leather furniture. This is, of course, that widely applies to all sorts of different furniture materials, including fabrics of all sorts.

Getting Started With Your Own Home Business

A home based business appeals to many people. After weighing the pros and cons of a home based business, if somebody finally decided to start working at home, a few things would be required to get started. Of course, starting a home office or work place is pretty easy and affordable.

The requirements to start a home based business would vary depending on the type of business one is getting in to. Starting a writing, editing, data entry, transcription, web designing, desk top publishing,or other computer related jobs would require a person to have a pc or a laptop with Internet connection. A separate office space is always better to work without disturbance. A telephone or mobile phone is also required for communication though not absolutely mandatory. A headset with the pc will enable online voice chat which is almost free.

It is obvious that work at home people should have the required proficiency and competency in the business they are getting into. For instance medical transcription requires certification and training in the profession. While data entry doesn’t require any such thing and any person can perform them, proof reading and translation jobs would require knowledge and certification in the field. Knowledge and experience would allow the work at home professional to obtain projects and execute them easily. Certification in the specific areas would ensure better income.

People keen on starting manufacturing soap, candles, stuffed dolls or looking to start their repair workshops for mobile phones, TV sets, or computers should have a spacious room or garage to work. They should have all the necessary tools to set up the workshop. Many of the existing home furniture can be converted in to work place furniture. It is advisable not to spend any money unnecessarily on furniture and other such items. Money should be invested only on the basic tools and equipment. If there is a financial constraint only the most essential equipment should be purchased and other tools can be rented. For instance an auto repair business cannot be started without many basic tools including the different numbered wrenches, torque wrenches, hammers, and screw drivers. But it is not necessary to have a lathe machine because it is often needed in auto repair. For lathe machine work the work at home person can go to others dealing with that.

If there is a need to visit people at their offices or homes a visiting card explaining the expertise and services of the work at home person is imperative. It adds a certain degree of professionalism and lets people know how to contact or where to locate the home based business.

The idea is that home based business should be started with a very small budget. It will be prudent to do so. Investing a large sum of money would prove to be counter productive as the returns may be slow and low initially. With time as the home based business grows more money can be invested in to the business making it a successful venture.

Home Improvement Tools – Are You Equipped With the Right Tools to Take Care of Your Home?

You can add value to your property by undertaking extensive home improvement projects which include getting your house re-painted, renovating bathrooms, revising design of your kitchen and construction of terraces and balconies. Even after completion of these projects, you would require a number of home improvement tools to maintain your house.

From trivial repairs to major overhauling, a number of maintenance challenges will come your way as a home owner, but if you have all the gear in the bag, you can afford to relax. If you are planning to buy some home improvement tools, you better read a brief description of what type of equipment you may require.


Cutting tools are meant to cut different types of materials and need to be manufactured with strong materials. Cutting tools form an essential part of your home improvement tools kit. A utility knife is perhaps the most popular cutting tool as it can cut a number of materials such as paper, wood, plastic and metals in half. The fact that it is easy to handle makes it an essential tool for your home improvement projects. Another useful tool is a hacksaw, which can be useful in cutting wood, bones and hard materials. It consists of a saw with delicate yet very sharp teeth and a blade framed in metal. A tile-cutter tool can also be of your utility if you have plans of changing design of your bathrooms. This tool helps shape ceramic tools in whatever way you like and is a necessity when it comes to bathroom improvement projects.


A house with a beautiful lawn looks very attractive, but it takes a number of garden tools to maintain a lawn. Garden tools serve the purpose of planting, cutting grass and other related agricultural works. You will find garden tools in two types, namely, manual tools and power run tools. As part of your home improvement tools kit, you should buy garden tools such as a lawn mower, a spade, a garden hoe, a garden fork and a rake.


Moving heavy objects around is often a troublesome stage in home improvement projects. For a smooth sailing during this particular stage, you would require moving tools which are designed to move objects. Some common moving tools include a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers and a wrench. A furniture dolly can be very handy to move heavy objects like boxes and furniture as you can place the object on its flat wooden surface and wheel the dolly to transport the object. Another very useful tool is a stair-roller that helps move objects up or down the stairs.


Large-scale home improvements often require the services of transforming tools. Common transforming tools include blow-torch and chemical sprays with solvent properties. While a blow-torch is used to bend and shape metals by producing extreme heat, chemical sprays change objects through chemical reactions.


Home improvement projects include accurate measurements which are impossible to take unless you use measurement tools. The most popular measurement tool is tape measure that comes in various materials such as cloth, optical fiber, plastic and metal. With the help of this useful tool you can make sure that windows and doors have accurate and equal dimensions. A few other measurement tools that you may be interested to include in your home improvement tools are rulers, calipers, squares, a theodolite and spirit level.


When it comes to giving final touches to an object during home improvement, you will require shaping tools.These tools are used to give shapes to objects such as wood and other materials. Chisels, trowels, moulds, sanders and jigs are some common shaping tools that you may need in your tool kit.


Unlike the cutting tools, fastening tools are used to join objects. With the help of specialized tools such as rivet guns, glue guns, wire tackers and staple guns you can join two objects, irrespective of whether they are made of the same material or not.

Power Tools:

Power tools are power-driven with the help of electric motors, air motors or combustion engines which are inwardly operative. Home improvement on a large-scale requires a number of works to be done with the help of power tools. Common power tools are drills, electric sanders and lathe. There are broadly two kinds of power tools, namely, static and mobile tools.